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by On The Bluff Sole for us to bring the Oregon duck team for design inspiration to Jordan Air 17 Low "Lightning" as the template of the new JORDAN AIR 17 OREGON "DUCKS LOW" custom works. Shoe body in green with a black tongue, bottom and decorative details yellow, showing a theme style of the Oregon Ducks, the tongue at the University of Oregon Ducks team logo is directly that theme. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop! Source: OLE ON THE BLUFF "licensing" is easy to "brand" difficult; when the "independent brand building" almost become the industry's mantra at the same time, how to maintain brand vitality is plaguing Chinese manufacturing enterprises. the Ninth China (Jinjiang) International Footwear exposition has recently come to a close in Fujian, Jinjiang. Reporters to participate in the exhibition found that Jinjiang, the famous brand to create "China Shoes Capital", is quietly experiencing two changes in the transition. Faced with the fact that the average vitality of Chinese brands is less than 2 years old, people have been thinking about this change in Jinjiang What kind of enlightenment will it bring to the brand development of Chinese manufacturing industry? ; "licensing movement" encountered embarrassment, from the "OEM" production to "licensing" movement; Jinjiang cheap air jordans online has once interpreted the "Chinese manufacturing industry self licensing" myth". This area of only 649 square kilometers southeast of the coastal town, sports shoes now has 19 A Well-Known Trademark in China, 9 Chinese brand-name products and 54 national Mianjian products, Guozihao brands accounted for more than half of the country in the same industry. Jinjiang sports shoes not only reached 40% of the country's output, Jinjiang has become a veritable "China's footwear industry" brand capital". speaking of the footwear industry in Jinjiang started, the general manager of Quanzhou international shoes limited Chen Yongpei memories: "at that time into the Jinjiang rural cottage, there are small workshops, everywhere in the shoes. The technology is so crude that some people don't even know what a professional glue is. When the rice is cooked, it is used as glue." In 80s of last century, the people of Jinjiang with a few hammer, scissors, a few sewing machines, from the beginning of bead slippers, vulcanized shoes production is the most simple, gradual transition to undertake processing "OEM" mode, extensive management, low market efficiency. into 90s, in the face of increasingly fierce market competition, Jinjiang footwear industry began to introduce foreign capital and advanced equipment, improve technology, enterprise production scale rapidly improved. At the same time of technological innovation and the construction of industrial clusters, Jinjiang people have also found a winning magic weapon to win the market - "star + advertisement" brand building campaign. jordan shoes online sale at that time, Jinjiang shoes enterprises have hired domestic and foreign star endorsement products, and in the major media invested huge advertising costs to promote their own brands. According to incomplete statistics, more than the endorsement of Jinjiang brand star up to 70 people; CCTV5 once dubbed the "Jinjiang channel", more than 20 enterprises in Jinjiang also get together "burning", the peak of the annual advertising fee to spend 500 million yuan. The effect of the licensing campaign was immediate, and Jinjiang emerged in a short period of timeLining announced that as of December 31st 08, the end of the performance, the profit attributable to shareholders of 721 million yuan, representing an increase of 52.29% over the same period in 07. period overall sales gross margin rose from 48.1% to 47.9% in 2007. Operating profit grew by 57.4% to 960 million yuan, while operating interest rates increased by 0.4 percentage points from 14% in 2007 to 14.4%, mainly due to stable products, gross margin and effective expenditure management. The ratio of outstanding bank borrowings to equity holders was 32%, representing a substantial increase from 5.7% in 2007. As of December 31, 2008, the number of Lining brand stores reached 6245, with a net increase of 1012 during the year. click to view the two generation Parke Alamo suit HD Photo 730 regular season games played together, 14 years too bitter, the achievements of the history of the greatest NBA group of three people. In April 9th, the Spurs GDP group played together again in the match against the rockets at home, and th cheap jordans for sale e three players came out together. Their regular appearances in the regular season reached 730 matches, becoming the first three people in the NBA regular season. As one of GDP's Toni? Parke partners, PEAK is also on this historic occasion, launched with the symbol of Sanantonio - "the free will of courage and sacrifice of the Alamo fortress" as the theme, carefully crafted Parke two "the Alamo" limited set, and pay tribute to the basketball team spirit and brotherhood. The global limit of 730 sets of commemorative products will be sold in China and the United States in April 9th. in the Spurs fans' eyes, the GDP combination is a symbol of Sanantonio "the Alamo" spirit. As the most classic war in the American War of independence, "the battle of the Alamo" show in Texas, Sanantonio free will courage and sacrifice. And this is the core soul of the Spurs GDP. The PEAK launched the two generation of Parke "the Alamo" limited edition package including a pair of Parke two (Tony Parker II) basketball shoes, T-shirt and a baseball cap, with a set of exquisite products to explain the Spurs GDP represents "the Alamo" spirit. as "Parke Alamo" color of the two generation of shoes is the suit's flagship product, a unique color collocation and shape design, fully embodies the spirit of GDP and low-key tough team culture. "The Alamo" limited edition package in two on behalf of Parke with a black shape collocation on both sides of the metal paint, and the use of hot melt film, colorful and unique in the upper shoe inside add colorful patterns of countless honors, as if to "GDP" and the team Cheap foamposites for sale on a classic black bright silver complement, two on behalf of Parke on the low-key black based paint and colorful patterns, like a unique light, shows a group of three people at the same time, calm, low-key different drow rise above the common herd. , TPU and so many shoe heel "record" a group of three people for the first time the date, such as playing together to create the team history 50 regular season wins + great moments and digital recording, in order to remember them along the way the dots; insole logo is printed with the symbol of Sanantonio's highest honor "River Walk map. "GDP" to complete the 730 appearances number experienced by the day, as the holy city of the river, slowly, quietly flowing, carrying their story of time; at the same time the Alamo fortress added tongue beta symbol pattern heroic, unity, sacrifice, sparkling crystal is dotted with numerous sole symbol honor and status of gold powder. GDP will become a model of NBA history, one of the reasons for the mutual support and trust is the most important, which is limited in the Alamo.actually has been, the author of the Crazy Light Adidas series is not very respected. Since the first generation of products, to the ultimate lightweight as a selling point of this series has been the existence of such as the bottom of the shock is not enough, poor support and so on. Indisputable is that since the boost D-Will, thousands of fans including the author, are looking forward to the process of the "Basketball". Until some time ago, in the history of the first double using boost technology of basketball shoes -Crazy cheap air jordans LightBoost in Lillard's wearing D-Will. This time we have a look, this is a landmark of the performance of shoes, how to bar. from the overall shape, Light Boost Crazy is still a series of long and narrow path. Medium and high shoe design and a piece of shoe upper makes the whole pair of shoes look good sense of line. Only in the bottom is exposed on the outside of the back Boost cushioning unit on this structure can play a big role? We discuss later. in the Light Crazy series of previous generations of works, the upper is one of the most places to be one of the places. In general, the ultimate lightweight on the road to the upper weight loss is a good way. So we can see a large area of the mesh material in Crazy Light on behalf of 1/2/3. Crazy light boost but in the opposite direction, a chip of the vamp covered with cross type transparent elastic belt to enhance support force and tongue is used techfit elastic material to maintain the integrity of the vamp, considerable efforts. so a pair of so light and soft shoes, how to ensure the stability of it? Adidas is given the answer is in the bottom of the Stableframe and followed by the 8 type stabilizer. The former is run through in the bottom of a X type TPU support bars, for lightweight should is more than sufficient to the; the latter from the feeling is still too soft, the author here to judge this pair of shoes should have certain requirements for upper body weight. we are most concerned about the part, it should be the Light Boost Crazy slow shock performance of how the. From the appearance point of view, crazy LightBoost just provide the heel boost as cushioning unit and forefoot is simple in the end. Such an approach considered the pros and cons, advantage is that it can bring a sense of an excellent site, and the harm is lack of forefoot landing of slow earthquake and the foot feels lack of transitional. Who is right, we will explain to you in the back of the actual combat. Before and after the use of the Light Boost Crazy, the outer bottom of the structure, the bottom support of the direct exposure to the outside. Unlike other basketball shoes, the outsole and no texture curve, but before and after to the vertical line with to cross to the engraved. This is a very personal independence of conduct design, not the actual ground effect will be how? We come to the actual combat.Originals ZX Flux ADV adidas launched a new "Black Core" color matching. The use of breathable fabric to form a streamlined shoe body, with the combination of Torsion large bottom. Support the heel position with snakeskin texture wrapped in rose gold, in stark contrast with the shoe body. Shoes with men and women on the pricing of 89.95 euros reminders, and have AFEW Store shelves. source: footwearSports players PUMA States released 2012 "Denim" shoes 2012-10-23 15:08:32 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [source: Chinese shoes network] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network October 23 hearing, we know than the well-known PUMA Suede and Clyde shoes, but there is another PUMA combination of the two elements to create a unique design shoes PUMA States, and this shoe In addition to the shop with the money this year, well-known German shoe Solebox launch outside shoes, overwhelmed by PUMA top feeder The List more again this shoes with the highest quality fabrics to create shoes tannins, and with fine stitching unique Let shoes showing a great visual sense unique and delicate conflict, a total of three colors, including blue denim colors, black soul all black design, and slightly textured linen khaki color design, which is extremely limited amount of product Asia on November 12 only sold in Beijing, Dalian, Wuhan, Singapore, the Philippines and New Zealand, priced at ? 89.95 euros. Related news2005 year NBA Commissioner David Stern has published a "dress rules guide", league rules some fancy dress can not appear in the live TV, the injured not in the play list of players must be in business dress, which leads to the players did not have the opportunity to show their own personality. Now the players to demonstrate their favorite clothes at a news conference, today the American media 15 big fancy dress: Westbrook four on the list than anyone. Bearded Harden also has two sets of clothes on the list. eighteenth: James harden first edition harden although Westbrook and as a teammate, but his clothes not less prestige so loud, he in press conference always dress to attend, to accept the best sixth man award. He was wearing a pink suit, with a salmon fashionable tie, looks like in the island of Nantucket a boating adventure tourists. seventeenth: Stoudemire Stoudemire at a news conference, sometimes like a cowboy, wearing denim vest, wearing a hat. sixteenth: ray Allen ray - Allen age, as young people like fashion, Allen in peacetime or a formal suit and a tie, the color and the style of the clothes Pacific plate. fifteenth: Nick Young Nick Young is a relatively wet player. He often wears a pair of dark glasses at a news conference, and the top is very fancy. fourteenth: Parsons - Chandler a Parsons nickname called "Gaofu handsome" but dress but not his good-looking, Chandler's coat color design and not very coordinated, is not very bright, James Harden sit beside more like a fashionista, Parsons thunder robbed the. thirteenth: Wade and James's version of the seriesWei and Durant in the west is the fashion people, Wade and James seems to be on behalf of the east. James and Wade's clothes are a color system, the two glasses are the same. twelfth: the United States national team the U.S. team this picture may is the worst, if non to looking for bright spots also Deshu less prestige. This is true to his own style. Durant in this inside only to wear a vest, Kobe like a gangster, Chandler's clothes color is too monotonous, and like a piece of pants, in the corner of the Anthony is not worth a comment. eleventh: Wade solo version according to the Huffington Post reports, wade the body coat some evolutionary style, wade through the a checkered shirt, if Garnett said, he may suggest wade to go home to the clothes thrown into the fireplace and burned. tenth: James harden Second Edition harden the clothes is worse than the Western Cowboys Stoudemire. This dress is whether or not the class, a denim jacket is black, and a dark waistcoat, harden the clothes too small 〉