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if the inventory of Michael Jordan occupation career ten classic battle, a game will be selected. The June 11, 1997 finals against the Chicago bulls Utah Jazz vs, is commonly known as the "battle of the human flu". When the bulls leader Michael Jordan in the game due to food poisoning with fever, diarrhea, vomiting, severe dehydration, almost non-stop, unable to stand. In such a difficult situation, the great Michael Jordan still did not fall, in the fifth game, playing sick, played a full 44 minutes, scored 38 points. The second section and the key of the fourth quarter were 17 and 15 points, and in 25 seconds before the final, hit a record winning three ball, helped the bulls 90-88 lizhan jazz, and was the first to reach the finals match point. Before the whistle last suspended spell as full of Jordan was too weak to even to the bench are very difficult, Pippen helped him end the scene so many fans to change countenance, the scene become basketball tenacity and love the most vivid portrayal of the. In the game, at the foot of the Jordan shoes red and black color of the air jordan 12, was later "flu" game become one of the classic collection of a lot of sneakerhead essential. and it is reported that this classic air jordan 12 "flu" game is in 2016 again engraved return, shoes has and 2003 and 2009 engraved too, this is its fourth appearance, with super high popularity and commemorative significance of the air jordan 12 "flu game" presumably it will cause a bloodbath. source: sneakerbardetroit Shishi efforts to build industrial carriers to enhance industrial intensive level. At present the Shishi Economic Development Zone, beautiful clothing industrial par Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale k, Baogai Shoe Industrial Park as the leading industrial park in 111 construction projects, 55 Construction projects. 2 million 500 thousand square meters of standard workshops have been built and put into use, leading enterprises and industries to focus on industrial parks, forming industrial agglomeration effects, and promoting the sound and rapid development of county economy. Shishi in accordance with the "high starting point, high standard construction, efficient management, high level of foreign investment" principle to accelerate the economic development zone, natural Shishi garment industrial park, Baogai shoe industrial park three municipal industrial park and Pengshan area planning and construction, and guide enterprises to gather Industrial Park, accelerate the formation of the leading projects, related enterprises centralized and close cooperation of regional industry gathering center. Pay attention to PTA, Wen Xing textile fiber, Wanlian super projects such as the leading role, accelerate the development of modern textile industry, and comprehensively promote the quality of differentiation, weaving, dyeing and finishing, garment accessories brand diversification, actively cultivate and develop high-tech, bio chemical and petrochemical downstream industry and other emerging industries. At the same time, the integration and construction area of Shishi town and industrial agglomeration, accelerate the construction of standard factory buildings, planning and construction of hardware accessories, textile and other industries Jinshang base, expanding Phoenix in children's clothing, pants, Yongning Jiangxi Han sporting goods production base, develop indu Retro jordans for sale stry characteristic, the comparative advantages of industrial clusters. Shishi to continuously improve the policies and measures to support the industrial clusters, promoting the construction of innovation, quality inspection, product exhibition, financial services, e-commerce and other public service system, optimize the development of ecological environment industry. At the same time, according to various types of industrial parks, increasing investment efforts to promote more technology and capital intensive, environmentally friendly projects settled in our city. (editor in chief: admin) as the textile, clothing and footwear manufacturing exporter, Vietnam in the TPP after the entry into force can enjoy zero tariff, or it can stimulate the Vietnamese textile exports, at the same time, will also promote foreign direct investment (FDI) more in vietnam. Deborah, executive director of the Asia Trade Center, and Emmas (DeborahElms), even directly indicated that the largest beneficiary would be Vietnam after the TPP came into effect, followed by Malaysia and Japan, ·. however, some scholars have pointed out that TPP is not a "antidote" to Vietnam's exports, but "poison"". For example, the North American Free Trade Area Agreement after the entry into force, its impact on trade in goods is not very large, due to the influx of foreign capital, but also may even crack down on local related industries. Vietnam is optimistic, is optimistic about the impact of the TPP, which is equivalent to getting the privilege of entering the US and Japanese markets". Vietnam's largest exporter of textiles is the United States, accounting for nearly 50% of exports, foll cheap foamposites owed by the European Union and Japan, and this is in Vietnam textile and footwear exports to the United States tax rate of 17%~32%. It is foreseeable that zero tariffs will bring more benefits. the Vietnamese government expects TPP to bring in $33 billion 500 million in economic benefits over the next 10 years, equivalent to 1/5 of its current gross domestic product (GDP). In fact, since 2010, Vietnam's exports to the United States have increased by 38%. The Pedersen Institute for International Economics (PIIE) related model predicted that the amount of the main industrial sectors such as Vietnam clothing and shoes export in 2025 through duty-free exports to other countries increased by 46% to $165 billion. China Institute of modern international relations, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania Institute Nie Huihui recently completed a survey of vietnam. In an interview with the International Business Daily reporter, said, in the investigation process, you can see that Vietnam overall TPP positive view, think from a macro perspective, TPP overall good for Vietnam's economy. Nie Huihui said that although there are differences, but the mainstream view in Vietnam there are two main points of TPP positive prediction. First, as will be gradually reduced to zero tariffs, export competition, Vietnam textile manufacturing products increased dramatically, while Vietnam's export led by GDP 1/3, there is no doubt that TPP to promote GDP growth will help vietnam. Second, in terms of structural capacity, TPP will force Vietnam domestic enterprises, institutions reform mechanism. At present, Vietnam enterprises are joint-stock, slow development of serious, and the infl Cheap foamposites for sale ux of foreign enterprises will bring new impetus to the reform of local enterprises in vietnam. In addition, there are a small number of scholars believe that TPP can promote the protection of Vietnam's rights and interests of workers, as well as workers' freedom to hold meetings. foreign firms in Vietnam for TP)NIKE Sportswear women's branch WMNS recently announced the 2014 holiday season the city series of shoes for women on the streets but also by color. The Fan Air Force 1 shoes, respectively, and Benassi Slide two modeled. The theme for the city colors, show in London, Milan, New York, Paris, Tokyo and Shanghai, six international metropolis attitude. Quality leather crafted using car suture outlines the special urban landscape, overwhelmed series will begin tomorrow its sale in its official shop, interested friends do not miss yo.Nike Tennis player campaign launched lightweight Nike Lunar Ballistec tennis shoes 2014-01-24 11:05:49 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [source: Chinese shoes network / SIZE shoes newspaper] Print & nbsp; Close & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Chinese shoes network on January 24 hearing, in tennis, there is a maxim: "You could not catch the ball, you can not hit the ball." The highest level of modern tennis game faster. To help athletes in the game play better speed advantage, Nike tennis product designers strive to create such a shoe, both provide explosive speed, while also providing adequate cushioning and protection support. ? tennis player Victoria Azarenka (Victoria Azarenka) said: "I really like this Nike Lunar Ballistec, because it is so light it can let you foot the wind, so that you mainta cheap air jordans in control when steering. achieve rapid shift. We often compete in a variety of hard track surface, shoes for comfort and protection of vital game. " Weight A typical tennis shoes about 16 ounces, and a pair of men's size 10 shoes Nike Lunar Ballistec only 13 ounces. This is because the use of the Nike Lunarlon technology (Nike's proprietary technology to provide extra cushioning, while keeping the shoe light, responsive). For tennis players, the weight reduction, it means increased speed. Nike tennis shoes, senior designer Michael? Xu (Michael Hui), said, "Our primary goal is to design a revolutionary Nike tennis shoes, make players faster than the ball. It's not that we want at all costs, make the shoes lighter. Our goal is to make our tennis shoes with better durability, support and cushioning to improve the competitive ability and to win our athletes. " Nike Tennis has focused on providing lighter for the tennis players, faster and better products and services. In this process, we faced a dilemma and challenges, which is very common in the footwear manufacturing. A shoe, both light texture, and must be durable, able to adhere to the five game time on the hot, hard court surface, but also allows the players on the pitch slide flexible, easily controlled. However, it must have adequate protection and support element, and must be more rapid than previous shoes. This is an ongoing challenge to balance the process, but also Nike tennis product design teams face. The team focused on innovation in three key areas: upper, midsole and outsole: Upper In style and material use, drawing on the Nike Football and Nike Basketball design. Nike Lunar Ballistec this tennis shoe uppers, using leather and mesh design, both to reduce the weight, but also a good fit athlete's feet. Dynamic Nike Flywire technology, personalized lace design, which makes the shoes can be a good middle and wrap the foot arch, a comfortable fit feeling. the end The Nike Lunar Ballistec shoes, all are used in the insole Lunarlon cushioning technology, which was developed specifically for tennis shoes. Which shoes material is soft, elastic, using a Nike proprietary foam material, a better cushion, bouncing reaction and support performance. Which shoes in the forefoot area also features a TPU material can be quickly turned and when athletes start to provide more stability. outsole In the design of Nike Lunar Ballistec shoes outsole, used a lot of plantar pressure and performance data. Outsole of the shoe is very durable, and high grip performance. Removed some unnecessary material to reduce weight. Outsole of the shoe, so that the athletes feet closer to the ground when the ball can get better support and control. Which side of the shoe using the Outrigger technology, making athletes better able to force start. The external shading circuit design used, which makes the shoe is more responsive, so the athletes can move your feet more natural. 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Reproduced excerpts, please specify the source copy!VLONE, a new street brand created by the famous Hip Hop unit in America, has just released a joint design of Air Force 1 with NikeLab, and this inspiration has received the response from the custom master The Shoe Surgeon at once. The day before he officially shows us the custom version of this section with the more luxurious Python will be the original grain leather instead, while retaining its iconic black and orange combination and vamp suture and other details, the overall design is more noble. the-shoe-surgeon-vlone-nike-air-force-1-52.jpg (500.66 KB, download times: 0) download attachment VLONE x Nike Air Force 1 custom Upload 08:36 2016-11-9 the-shoe-surgeon-vlone-nike-air-force-1-1.jpg (349.21 KB, download times: 0) download attachment VLONE x Nike Air Force 1 custom Upload 08:36 2016-11-9 the-shoe-surgeon-vlone-nike-air-force-1-31.jpg (469.31 KB, download times: 0) download attachment VLONE x Nike Air Force 1 custom Upload 08:36 2016-11-9 the-shoe-surgeon-vlone-nike-air-force-1-2.jpg (499.72 KB, download times: 0) download attachment VLONE x Nike Air Force 1 custom Upload 08:36 2016-11-9 the-shoe-surgeon-vlone-nike-air-force-1-42.jpg (290.53 KB, download times: 0) download attachment VLONE x Nike Air Force 1 custom 2016-11-9 08:36 upload VLONE, 0This is perhaps the Nike · Kaili; Erwin build a drunk beauty of boots, the selection of new stadium Kyrie 3 for the design blueprint, EYBL elite youth league for the design to the body of the shoe, YISHION white color, and flanking Swoosh and lined by design and colorful fusion present at the same time, ink design decoration with orange and blue in the bottom, finally the insole is printed on the EYBL logo design theme echoes. item: 942206-001 eybl-nike-kyrie-3-942206-001-4.jpg (144.84 KB, download number: 10) download Nike Kyrie 3 EYBL officially released 2017-5-3 13:20 upload eybl-nike-kyrie-3-942206-001-3.jpg (216.98 KB, download number: 9) download Nike Kyrie 3 EYBL officially released 2017-5-3 13:20 upload eybl-nike-kyrie-3-942206-001-6.jpg (284.71 KB, download number: 8) download Nike Kyrie 3 EYBL officially released 2017-5-3 13:20 upload eybl-nike-kyrie-3-942206-001.jpg (153.29 KB, download number: 9) download Nike Kyrie 3 EYBL officially released 2017-5-3 13:20 upload eybl-nike-kyrie-3-942206-001-2.jpg (157.92 KB, download number: 8) download Nike Kyrie 3 EYBL officially released 2017-5-3 13:20 upload eybl-nike-kyrie-3-942206-001-7.jpg (383.36 KB, download number: 8) download Nike Kyrie 3 EYBL officially released 2017-5-3 13:20 upload 0