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Washington (reporter Lai Jinlang special correspondent Chen Weinian correspondent Qin Feifan Lu Haiwei) reporter on the small and medium enterprises from the Huidong County Bureau learned that, shortly before the State Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and quarantine and other relevant departments of the national footwear, electrical appliances, clothing and other products evaluation results announced, Huidong has 6 enterprises producing shoes products the awarded the title of national inspection free products. So far, Huidong County women's shoes products have 8 National Assessment exemption products. new commentary on the national Mianjian products are: Guangdong Lida letter Footwear Company Limited ", Qi" and Guangdong coccinellin Footwear Company Limited "carmine", Huidong Jilong unitoll shoe factory "Danliqian", Huizhou city paper industry limited company of "new maners", Huizhou city Yu Teng Footwear Company Limited "dream Ting" and Huizhou Jinlong Shoes Co. Ltd. "Princess incense". It is understood that the selection of similar products, our province received a total of 9, and the other 3 are located in Dongguan, Heshan and Shenzhen. small and medium-sized enterprises according to the County Bureau of the person in charge of the county for further broke the footwear brand, the county relies on industrial cluster to improve the measurement, quality management and other basic work to guide enterprises, free of charge for the enterprise inspection personnel to organize training, and help enterprises to better the quality of products, to promote the system the construction of regional brand. At the same time, the superior and the support of the local government investment of about 2000000 yuan, the establishment of provincial footwear product quality supervision and inspection station in the town of Geelong, directly provide inspection service for enterprises. On this basis, but also formulated the "Huidong shoes Union standards" and "Huidong shoes standards union" standards". The official also said that Huidong has the state Mianjian products increased sharply, will bring a positive role in promoting the two venture of Huidong footwear industry, while better polished "Huidong China brand shoes production base. (editor in chief: admin)About the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games has entered the countdown, Jordan Brand remodeling the 1984 Losangeles Olympic Games Michael Jordan Air Jordan 7 fee cheap air jordans t that Olympic also catch the last bus to report. And before the difference is this section is composed of Tinker Hatfield reference design based on the classical first reformed this network is also the first release this spy. The body of the shoe is still the iconic American team tone, and the silver and gold decorative details, then inverted triangle is used with a new design, but retains the Michael Jordan number of the 9 in the national team. item: 304775-123 release date: August 6thPrice: jordan-7-retro-alternate-shoes-2.jpg (271.75 KB, download number: 1) download Air Jordan 7 Olympic Alternate 2016-7-29 09:12 upload jordan-7-retro-alternate-shoes-1.jpg (228.39 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 7 Olympic Alternate 2016-7-29 09:12 Jordan to upload this topic by Tony in the 00 generation 2016-7-29 09:13Reebok is continuing his shoes engraved on the road, after Shaqnosis and Qustion made a comeback, this time the head of Shawn Kemp Fauvism style endorsement shoes The Shroud will also return to the stage. The Reebok Shroud uses special zipper instead of lace design, this design approach is new, so that in 90s was hailed as one of the reasons many shoes many golden age shoes, old shoes let fans very excited about the news that engraved. reebok-shroud-retro-cavs-01.jpg (104.09 KB, download number: 15) download Reebok The Shroud 2014-9-30 13:45 upload reebok-shroud-retro-cavs-02.jpg (84.02 KB, download number: 16) download Reebok The Shroud 2014-9-30 13:45 upload reebok-shroud-retro-cavs-03.jpg (81.06 KB, download number: 13) download Reebok The Shroud 2014-9-30 13:45 upload reebok-shroud-retro-cavs-04.jpg (105.11 KB, download number: 14) download Reebok The Shroud 2014-9-30 13:45 upload reebok-shroud-retro-cavs-06.jpg (63.18 KB, download number: 14) download Reebok The Shroud 2014-9-30 13:45 upload reebok-shroud-retro-cavs-05.jpg (60.25 KB, download number: 14) download Reebok The Shroud 2014-9-30 13:0Time: 2008-11-25 11:06 source: Fujian science and technology network Author: Fujian shoe shoe technology and network Click: 08 year 1-10 month, Brazil leather products exports amounted to $1 billion 680 million, a 8% decrease over the same period, the estimated annual export volume is expected to reach $2 billion. According to the Ministry of commerce website reported on November 21st, Brazil leather industry center statistics show that in 08 years 1-10 months, Brazil leather product Cheap air jordans for sale s exports amounted to $1 billion 680 million, a 8% decrease over the same period, the estimated annual export volume is expected to reach $2 billion. Analysts believe that 08 years, 1-10 months, Brazil leather exports amounted to 1 billion 680 million U. s.dollars, down 8% year on year, is expected to reach the annual export value of $2 billion. according to the Ministry of commerce website reported on November 21st, Brazil leather industry center statistics show that in 08 years 1-10 months, Brazil leather products exports amounted to $1 billion 680 million, a 8% decrease over the same period, the estimated annual export volume is expected to reach $2 billion. Analysts believe that the decline in leather exports in Brazil is due to the continued depreciation of the dollar in September, the financial crisis pushed up the Palestinian currency interest rate. the main market for leather goods in Brazil is mainland China and Hongkong, accounting for 32% of total exports, followed by Italy, accounting for 27%. Brazil is the largest source of export of leather products in St Paul, total exports accounted for 31%, followed by the Rio Grande do Sul Dezhou, accounting for 26.6%. (editor in chief: admin)Before , there has been mention of Nike Air Force 1 Duckboot, adding to the Black History Month color design camp. Of course, the shoe is presented in black color, and pattern printing this season of black history month recognizable to cover the entire body of the shoe, and crystal collocation siped outsole of the icing on the cake, not only showing a strong outdoor wind, and full tide of influenza. 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Jordans 6 Looks Nice And Comfortable For Wearing" /〉I like this article,and it's fromRunning Fan, one was from the Chinese traditional culture and morality of the "great teacher of the people," a soulless human soul; he was signed as a Nike spokesman, can not be said to be a sad, Nike China market strategy is the Nike brand great failure management. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 1980 Nike company entering the country, set up its first production liaison office in Beijing, Nike adhering to "Local for Local" concept, not only advanced technology into our country and fully committed to local talent, culture production technology, marketing ideas. Through this local take it, the local manner, Nike in China has made rapid development. Nike in the Chinese market, although work has been ahead of Adidas, but made the 2008 Olympics in the Adidas sponsorship rights in January 2005 to 1.3 billion yuan huge investment, in August has spent ? 3 billion acquisition of US's second-largest sports brand Reebok, the Adidas Nike market Raiders feel tremendous pressure, alone a Liu Xiang, Yi Jianlian and other stars, and not with the Adidas Olympic marketing to compete, just to Nike's contract as event marketing gimmick? Or is it true coincidence Running Fan "people-oriented, independent personality," the purpose of Nike? & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; contract dispute can not be said of cheap jordans Nike Running Fan Market courage! It is said that Running Fan endorsement of three series of seven brands of running shoes and more varieties of poor sales in Western markets, while the annual Running Fan endorsement contracts only $ 70,000 while Liu Xiang in the same series of advertising revenue as high as 2.5 million dollars. Because of this ultra-cheap advertising contract hit a record low corporate endorsement contracts. Nike is a cheap price for the endorsement of it? Nike Running Fan stress is placed on appeal, hoping to claim the Nike brand's personality gradually expand in Running Fan personality advocated, in order to achieve the expansion of the Nike market segments. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the market will develop it in accordance with the idea of ??Nike? I believe not! As market segments spokesperson Nike Running Fan can be considered to win in the next Olympic marketing momentum Adidas little luck, but for the Nike brand in China market reputation it? Nike is clearly styled under enormous pressure of Olympic marketing, Running Fan individualism remarks violated the Chinese traditional moral culture, contrary to Chinese education and culture, and social responsibility, contrary to China if touched Chinese consumers Emotional bottom line? Nike is not detailed to investigate, not to think about the influence of Chinese culture in the market rush to make a decision Running Fan endorsement can not say that do not understand the Chinese market, do not understand the Chinese culture, do not understand Chinese consumers. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the Nike brand awareness in China has been in the lead, need to do is continue to create the Nike brand's reputation, the formation of the Nike brand culture in order to achieve the ultimate brand marketing. Endorsement is a very good marketing strategy, but spokesman choice? Running Fan support is because access to many advocates in China more and more personalized attention, but does not mean the formation of a personality culture, mainstream culture, brand culture needs to be successful is consistent with the mainstream culture of a country; Fan Running the act itself is close to the Chinese public's moral feelings bottom line, but also with Guo jumping and appears against the backdrop of its personalized full, but for a brand, a high visibility of the Nike brand, such endorsements but rather superfluous, and even Because the bottom line and touch the public's emotions appear brand crisis. As a brand marketing, not only for the needs of expanding brand awareness and brand reputation damage, accumulated brand reputation for the brand's market share has played a very important role, simply to hype brand awareness and brand reputation damage can not be said that the brand is extremely short-sighted market behavior. The development of the Chinese market has made the kind of pure speculation become a tired consumer behavior, emotional neglect and moral bottom line consumers to brand marketing will also condemn and boycott by consumers. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Once your users have been proposed to flee teacher Meizhong facto endorsement of Nike running shoes, Nike will firmly resist running in domestic sales. Regardless of whether there will be resisted or resist the success of Nike's reputation will certainly be reduced to very low at this time, and even evolve into a serious brand crisis. Chinese consumers are increasingly feeling the bottom line can not be challenged, Carrefour boycott and its promotional provocative form even more massive boycott evolved into (global brand network) a serious brand crisis can not be said for all brands in China as a precedent , marketing behavior of Chinese consumers ignore the emotional bottom line carried out did not succeed, in order to learn to Nike marketing in China, or to look at Chinese culture it! & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; a brand after all follow the law of development of a culture, in order to make the Nike culture into mainstream culture in society, Nike needs to do is not to promote the very personality of individualism proposition, but as Auxiliary and social mainstream culture into society, into the consumer, and ultimately achieve brand culture marketing purposes. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; signing Running Fan Nike, the brand back! Other brands will also sounded the alarm! & nbsp; & nbsp; The text of the original works, the network reprint please send an e-mail notification On print media reproduced please contact the author, reproduced should strictly ensure the integrity of the work, the copyright |???? all prohibited, title, signature, text , paragraph mode, attachment delete, change, and indicate the original source and link. Author: Lou Junfeng Contact: QQ: 19682026 MSN: Email: My blog :: http: // globrand personal column :: http: // Wade turns 32 on Friday, but before he ups his number in age there will be special ??Birthday?? edition of the Li-Ning Way of Wade 2 releasing. Advertisment You will be able to pick up the Li-Ning Way of Wade 2 ??Birthday?? tomorrow in limited run sizes from 6-15 retailed for $200 over at Suplex Philadelphia. followed the "Orange Box" and Pink Box after that, Nike SB recently launched a shoe box inspired sneaker design - Dunk High, "Purple Box"". In addition to the Nike SB used as a design subject during the period from 2006 to 2007, this time I chose the "high" version to make different choices. The uppers are made of black suede combined with synthetic ostrich skin, and through , 3M lines, purple laces, and stamped shoebox at heel, Logo echoes the theme and highlights its uniqueness. It is reported that this pair of "Purple Box" from December 26th onwards through the Nike official website for sale, like Nike SB friends must not miss.Nike Sportswear at the beginning of the year published K.O.B.E Collection great acclaim, will be launched again and again this autumn and winter a new series of single products. The first public models include a pair of new styles, M-65 jackets and brand new short Tee. The Nike Sportswear rare M-65 jacket is particularly attention, the overall elegant coat design for spindle, with the plurality of patch features, there are two versions of the white and dark gray. 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